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Our Services

The Company

i-transcribe mk provide a comprehensive transcription service to clients in Milton Keynes and across the UK. We have experience across many sectors and have the skills needed to fully research your specific industry terminology. Whether it's a one to one interview or a large group discussion we turn your audio file into a highly accurate account of events that you can rely on.

Our Service

We offer a fully secure and confidential service with quality guarantee. Our registered clients can upload their audio files securely through our client portal or via MailBigFile. Once transcribed, the file is emailed directly to the client in Word format. There are different levels of transcription and some additional options you may wish to choose depending on the type of media you are working with.


Smart Verbatim

This is a transcript which excludes ‘you know’, ‘I mean’, ‘sort of’, ‘like’, etc, the unnecessary use of ‘right’ and ‘okay’ and repeated short phrases but includes half sentences.

Full Verbatim

This is a verbatim transcript, which includes ums and ahs, repeated words, half sentences, background noises, and verbiage.

Tracked Speaker

A transcript with 'tracked speakers' means that each speaker change is identified by name, or a code unique to that speaker. An un-tracked speaker is identified only by gender or role.

Optional Time Codes

Time codes can be added at regular intervals such as 1 minute, 5 minutes etc or more precisley when a new speaker begins. This is useful for video or podcasts as well as legal transcripts.